Detroit, Michigan Industrial Painting Company

The painting professionals at Induspray lead the way in industrial painting in Detroit, Michigan. Clients come first at Induspray, and our services include but are not limited to handling large interior and exterior commercial/industrial painting environments, as well as warehouses and other commercial buildings. The goal is to provide a long term paint job at the building or work site. This is why we include services to help to clean or paint any portion which could be dirty or dusty. Clients will notice a distinct crisp, high-quality appearance provided by Induspray’s industrial/commercial painting services, where no job is too big for us to handle. We specialize in the spray painting of large corrugated steel/metal deck ceilings.

Industrial painting and building restoration projects:

  • large industrial buildings – all kinds
  • manufacturing plants, factories
  • silos, storage tanks
  • steel structures, bridges, cranes
  • water & sewage treatment plants
  • secondary containment tanks
  • smoke stacks, high-heat stacks
  • machinery, manufacturing equipment
  • chemical processing plants, refineries

Commercial building painting projects:

  • large commercial buildings – all kinds
  • storage facilities, warehouses
  • arenas, entertainment venues
  • apartment/condominium buildings

Painting and refinishing of all surfaces:

  • metal deck ceilings, ceilings – our specialty
  • concrete & cinder block walls, walls
  • aluminum siding, metal/steel siding
  • metal/steel roofs , roofs
  • window frames, flashing
  • metal buildings, structural steel
  • epoxy floors, epoxy floor coatings


Surface Preparation & Painting Techniques

What makes a paint job outstanding is the work and attention that have been devoted to properly preparing the underlying surfaces. If a surface is dirty, loose or compromised, the completed coating will almost surely eventually end up failing significantly. We find that there are effective methods to clean surfaces and provide an ideal area for coatings and paints to properly cover and adhere to. Any failed paint job would result in additional costs that would go beyond a project budget, which is why we provide a quality job the first time. Induspray is an industrial painting contractor company that believes in making sure the surface preparation is completed correctly using numerous different techniques depending upon the need. Steam cleaning, pressure washing, sandblasting, dry-ice blasting, chemical cleaning, and other techniques are commonly used by our professionals.

Induspray’s team of expert painters are knowledgeable in the types of techniques that should be used to apply paint or coating and this includes airless spray painting, something we specialize in. Every situation is carefully analyzed in order to choose the correct and most effective method for painting or coating a surface properly. Our painting contractor crew works throughout the Detroit, Michigan area in numerous industrial-type scenarios. We have the capability to do painting jobs that include difficult-access spaces inside buildings plus exterior painting that has high areas. Utilizing aerial lifts, our painters can safely reach any surface and ensure it is properly painted or coated.

Industrial Paint & Coating Systems

There are a wide variety of coatings and paints that Induspray utilizes. Each of these are top-notch. We focus on the exact application process, how long each product would last on a particular surface, and the entire project cost for the customer. While each situation is unique, we normally use oil-based or latex paints, polyurethanes, rust-covering coatings, high-adhesive coatings, epoxies, low-emissions (low VOC coatings), enamels, urethanes, no-slip coatings and others, depending upon the situation. We always first conduct an analysis to make sure that the paint product or coating will match the needs for extended performance as well as being budget-friendly. For extreme weather, we ensure to take proper care during exterior painting or coating projects when conducting a job and choosing materials to suit the sometimes harsh climate experienced in the Detroit MI area.


Detroit, Michigan industrial painting demonstration video

Industrial Painters / Commercial Painters in Detroit

Since 1975, Induspray has gained extensive experience and has become the top choice for customers needing the skills of expert commercial and industrial painters. Our company’s crew of painters can tackle any job thank to its prior experience and broad knowledge. Our painters are skilled, project managers are efficient, and our network of suppliers and partners contribute heavily to our ability to ensure that all painting projects are completed at the best possible price and on time.

List of Clients for Detroit, MI

If you have an industrial building, manufacturing plant, factory, warehouse, storage silo/tank or some other type of project that needs painting, we are experienced, skilled and ready to complete the task. Induspray has a list of past customers who can attest to our work quality and affordable prices. We can provide representative references, including from clients located in or near to Detroit, Michigan:

  • U.S. Steel
  • General Electric
  • Imperial Oil
  • Goodrich Aerospace
  • Johnson Controls
  • + many others

Industrial Painting Pricing & Costs

We work on millions of square feet of surfaces on an annual basis, using a tremendous amount of paint and coating supplies in the process. Due to this high volume of purchasing, we can negotiate lower costs on our raw materials with our suppliers, and can pass the savings on to our customers.

If you have the need for industrial painting in Detroit, and are actively evaluating the costs, companies, and reputations of painting companies, be sure to consider Induspray as an option. We’ll happily assist you and one of our reps can go over your requirements with you, as well as schedule an on-site appointment if needed. We then follow up with a detailed cost estimate for your project, and also specific  recommendations tailored to your project based upon our expertise. We provide this as a free service and without any obligation. We look forward to assisting you soon, please contact us today.

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Detroit, Michigan industrial painting service area

Our local Detroit MI service area includes Greater Detroit plus nearby Dearborn, Warren, Livonia, Sterling Heights, Novi, Canton and Pontiac located in Wayne County, Michigan.

"The Induspray painters were very efficient, hardworking and professional throughout their time onsite here at our manufacturing plant. We are very impressed with their work and can definitely recommend them to others seeking top commercial or industrial painters that serve Greater Detroit."
“Thank you Andy, the ceiling came out beautifully. You were right, the light levels in our production area have gone way up, it seems like the room brightness has almost doubled! Hopefully we can get around to refinishing the epoxy floor next year if we can get the budget, and we will keep you in mind for that for sure.”
“This shall serve as a letter of endorsement for Induspray Painting. Over the past few years, they have successfully painted the interiors and exteriors of our various facilities, including two large buildings each with production areas and warehousing areas. They performed their work on time and always paid attention to the quality of the surface cleaning and preparation, plus the choice of paint and materials, and their application. The project manager, Mr. Andy Fitzpatrick is extremely knowledgeable, easy to deal with, and makes sure that all work runs smoothly. They also seem to have access to all the resources and equipment needed to complete the required tasks without incurring delays or extra charges. I would highly recommend this painting company.”
"Induspray did an excellent job for our company. The painting and cleaning crews were friendly, professional, and worked around our schedule to complete the job with minimal impact on our production. The value and quality of the work performed were exceptional, far better than I have experienced in the past on a similar project. It was a pleasure working with your company, and I give you an A+ rating overall."

Painters in Detroit Michigan

Detroit is located in southeast Michigan along the St. Clair River. With a population of approximately 3.8 million inhabitants, the entire Detroit Urban Area is home to many businesses and industries, including light and heavy manufacturing and industrial companies, many of which are related to the auto industry. The area is serviced by a number of industrial painters.